Laser cleaning

Sandshot company provides industrial cleaning services using laser ablation technology.

Investment in modern machinery with lasers of 200 and 500 W power allows our company to non-invasively, quickly and safely clean machine parts, industrial forms, or entire process lines.

A few words about the technology.

Laser technology is an alternative method of surface preparation or renovation of:

– production lines and separate units,

– moulds, tables, welds,

– other means or components of production.

Laser cleaning (or, in other words, the ablation process) is based on the use of a strong and concentrated laser pulse which makes it possible to vaporize contaminants from the surface of the object. The process can be

carried out either manually or in an automated manner.

The primary advantages of the ablation method are as follows:

– precision and possibility of point surface treatment,

– safety of the surface (no mechanical damage, preservation of the original roughness parameters)

– cleanliness of the working area and lack of waste (during the operation of the device, all waste is sucked up by a dedicated exhaust),

– ecology (laser cleaning is a really serious alternative to abrasive and chemical methods),

– high mobility allowing free access to various surfaces (cleaning heads are attached to a 15-meter-long fibre optic cable).

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